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Making research data truly accessible

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Judy Bryson, UCB Biosciences - Immunology TA
UCB has been sharing data generated during clinical studies as part of a transparency initiative which has been embraced by several pharmaceutical companies.

We were the first mid-cap biopharma company to sign up to an online portal offering responsible data sharing - the Clinical Study Data Request platform. We officially went live on the site at the beginning of October.

Sharing data has the potential to accelerate medical innovation by giving researchers access to material which can deepen understanding of disease and cutting-edge therapies.

The next step in our transparency journey is to  make this medical science also meaningful and accessible to patients and a wider public who are not experts in medical science. UCB is now sharing clinical study results in lay terms (‘lay summaries’) via UCB.com. We are among the first companies to embrace this approach to disseminating research.

Studies considered 'pivotal' to the regulatory approval of several of our current medicines are explained in clear language. The lay summaries concisely outline the purpose of the research project, describe the participants, and explain how the study was conducted and the key findings, all without losing the reader in scientific jargon.

Going forward, UCB is committed to providing additional study results lay summaries as new products receive regulatory approval.

We believe that true transparency means making science more accessible and meaningful. We are proud that the fruits of our research help patients around the world every day. Now more people will be able to  build on and better understand the work that took us there.

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