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Joining forces to improve treatments for patients

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France Nivelle, Global Communications & Change Support
Never before has science been so rich with the opportunity for us to bring medicines to patients who suffer. Yet the productivity of research, whether from academia or pharmaceutical companies, has ample room to grow. This is where the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) comes in.

The IMI is a €2 billion public-private partnership designed to address bottlenecks in R&D productivity. The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) – of which UCB is a member – and the European Commission have each committed €1 billion to this special project.

We have been a member of the IMI since it was conceived in 2006 and we’re participating in 15 IMI consortia, providing expert input on a range of topics.

Our CEO, Dr. Roch Doliveux, has served on the IMI Governing Board since 2010.  Last week we were honoured to learn that he has now been appointed to chair the Board of this unique partnership.
This is a crucial time for innovation in the biotech and pharma sectors. We want to bring safer, more efficacious and cost-effective treatments to patients, and we want to do this in the most efficient way possible. It’s clear now that sharing information and sitting down together to pool expertise can be mutually beneficial.

The IMI already has great momentum and has been very active since its launch. Today, it funds 30 projects in areas such as drug safety and efficacy, knowledge management, and education and training. The combined funding for these projects is more than €600 million, and a new call for funding was issued earlier this month.

This initiative has the potential to reshape Europe’s research infrastructure and drive innovation forward in a way that benefits patients and the European economy. So it’s a wonderful time to have UCB in a leadership role. An exciting road lies ahead!

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