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Innovation through collaboration

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Scott Fleming, UK Communications
Science moves fast. Technology allows us to run more experiments than ever before, producing vast quantities of data. We understand genes, cells and the immune system in ways that previous generations could only dream about.

Making sense of this knowledge requires collaborations between experts from different branches of science, along with industry-academic partnerships, which will shape the future of medical innovation.

At UCB, we are working with the best researchers in the world to accelerate the pace of medical progress.

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This video was produced to mark the 10-year anniversary of UCB's acquisition of Celltech, a British biotech firm. It focuses on our innovative partnerships in the UK but the central point applies more broadly: we are in this together.

It is no longer enough to be an expert in one narrow sub-discipline of science; researchers can no longer operate in silos. They need to work with scientists from outside their own areas of expertise.

Drug development is not a task exclusively for biochemists or immunologists. It requires input from data scientists, bioinformatics experts, bioengineers and geneticists.

UCB is committed to building super-networks of academics, industry experts, charities, health professionals, patients and payers to inform meaningful medical research that changes people's lives. Together, we will deliver new therapies that patients need.

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