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EU study shows UCB’s investment in R&D

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    Good news to start the year: the latest EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard reveals UCB’s strong commitment to innovation, ranking the company as the number 1 R&D investor in Belgium.

    With €780 million invested worldwide in R&D in 2011, UCB topped the table of Belgian companies investing in research and development. In fact, our company was the number 7 R&D investor in the EU pharma sector which comprises 104 companies.

    Looking right across all sectors, from electronics to telecommunications and from medical devices to energy, UCB is the number 41 R&D investor of the top 1,000 EU companies included in the study.

    Of the top 50 investors, UCB is ranked number 1 in terms of R&D investment per employee, highlighting the significant commitment of the company to investing in its pipeline of future medicines.

    For us at UCB, the EU Scoreboard confirms what we already know: our company is a major investor in its own future – but it’s still great to see UCB’s R&D investment publicly recognised in an independent report by the European Commission.

    Read the full study here or contact us if you have any questions.

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