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Delivering Patient Value Faster Than Ever

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Elizabeth Manning, Patient Value Development Solutions

If the last year has shown us one thing, it’s the power of science to change the course of history. At the beating heart of the recent acceleration in medical advancement is clinical study design, and never have we needed this process to be more efficient, consistent and innovative.

At UCB we are transforming our entire clinical development process from a sequence of activities into a digitally (i.e. technology, and data-enabled), fully integrated process. All aspects of clinical development from clinical study design, feasibility assessment, clinical site identification, patient recruitment, data collection, data analyses and reporting are included and subject to major innovation.

A cornerstone is the End-to-End (E2E) Clinical Study Automation program which aims to ensure a more rapid delivery of each clinical study while simultaneously reducing cost and enhancing consistency and quality. This is being realized through an internally developed IT platform with data standards and digital clinical design contents (i.e. inputs for various study documents) as the foundation for interoperability and digitalization right from the clinical study design stage. The program will ultimately lead to better, faster and more consistent trial design, leading to more rapid delivery of differentiated solutions to patients.

Our Development Teams are currently working tirelessly to turn this ‘blue sky’ vision into industry leading reality. Our Clinical Metadata Repository (CMDR), established in August 2020, and the ongoing development of Augmented Study Concepts are helping us to transform manual, paper-based study design processes into digital content, all being realised through an internally developed IT platform. But this is an ambitious programme and we won’t stop there – we’ll continue to push the boundaries and look to grow the internal platform further.

This is a pivotal moment for UCB – we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and excited about the road ahead and what this programme could mean for the future of clinical studies and, ultimately, for our patients.

If you’re interested in joining our Development Team at this exciting time, please take a look at our current career opportunities here.

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