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Bringing diverse mindsets together to meet patient needs

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Laetitia Malphettes, Gene Therapy CMC Development Sciences

Over the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry has begun to recognise the importance of fostering a diverse, inclusive, and culturally intelligent environment. Additionally, throughout our industry, there is a unified drive to ensure that people living with diseases are supported to live their best quality of life.

There are many facets to consider to effectively reach these goals. One most notable characteristic is the empathetic nature that companies must pursue to understand patient needs. In order to provide the greatest value for patients, it is vital that our industry recognizes that different patient populations are faced with varying challenges. To become a company that truly appreciates the needs of patients, then we must consider how insights brought through a diverse and inclusive environment can provide the most impact across all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain.

At UCB, from research to development and manufacturing, patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to fostering a supportive, diverse and respectful company culture for all employees, as we believe it helps us to work effectively at the cutting edge of science. Take my gene therapy team. Our composition is made up of a large variety of backgrounds and experiences, and by embracing these diverse talents and experiences, we can maximize the value we create for patients.

UCB is its people – and we are made stronger because of our culture of collaboration and curiosity. We nurture and value diverse perspectives and backgrounds and practice respect and care for each other, for our communities, for our planet and for the people who inspire and define our purpose. We are continually looking for like-minded people to partner with and join our growing team to give us a greater appreciation of each individual reality and create a meaningful difference in the lives of patients.

As we continue to strengthen our gene therapy team, we are looking to attract bright minds who see how science can express our deepest humanity, who push boundaries with purpose and thoughtful intent, who are drawn to discovery and innovation, to create value for people living with severe diseases and want to improve the health and wellbeing of the society in which we live. We value pluralists who bring together purposeful initiatives resulting from true insights, which have their roots in diversity of thought, accountability and a continuous growth mindset.

So, if you are curious, bold, want to make gene therapy happen and like the sound of how our teams tick, then this is the moment to join us. To learn more about working in our gene therapy team visit our recruitment site here.

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