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Brain month: investing in answers

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Xavier Hormaechea, Public Affairs
Did you know that brain-related diseases will affect at least one third of Europe’s population during their life time? Or that treating these conditions already costs around €800 billion per year1?

The burden of neurological diseases is growing as our population ages and, while much has been learned about the brain in recent decades, there is still much we do not yet know.

May is European Month of the Brain, an opportunity for everyone with an interest in health to take a step back and consider the scale of the research effort required if we are to better understand our body’s most complex organ.

This is a task that requires the commitment of industry, academia, patients, health professionals and other stakeholders willing to tackle one of the great societal challenges of our time.

To mark the Month of the Brain, the European Union has announced €150 million of funding for 20 new international brain research projects, bringing the total EU investment in brain research since 2007 to over €1.9 billion.

At UCB, we are keen to play our part too. As a company with a strong record of investing in new therapies to improve the lives of people living with neurological disorders, we know that a better understanding of the brain can help find solutions to problems that may arise.

Thousands of patients use medicines we have developed to treat epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and memory problems. Yet there is still unmet medical need in these and several other CNS disorders.

That is why we continue to devote our energy and resources to research and development. Indeed, the latest EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard ranks our company as the European leader in R&D spending per employee.

There will be more than 50 events taking place across Europe as part of the European Month of the Brain in an effort to raise awareness of the human brain and its diseases.

If one in three people is affected at some point in their lives, it means just about every family will be touched by a brain-related condition. That means all of us; that means you.

Inform yourself this May by checking out the official European Brain Month website or joining the conversation on Twitter (#brainmonth).

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