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What funding is available from UCB?

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Catherine Begard, Information Intelligence & Integrity
UCB is Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science. This means listening to people affected by severe diseases and harnessing the power of medical research to meet their needs.

In our own labs we work on deepening scientific knowledge so that we can understand how the body works and what to do when it doesn’t.

We also support a variety of initiatives through our external funding programmes. To make it easier to find out about the kinds of support we offer, we have developed a new Funding section on our site.

So for what types of funding can you apply?

We provide Donations to a range of organisations and institutions who share our dedication to raising awareness of severe diseases, advancing medical knowledge and building strong communities in areas where we operate.

Our Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS) programme supports unsolicited and independently initiated and conducted studies. Sometimes scientists request funding, sometimes they need supply of our medicines, and sometimes they require both.

UCB provides Grants for programmes that foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical, and healthcare issues that contribute to the enhancement of patient care.

In addition, we accept requests for Sponsorships to support activities which further medical and scientific knowledge. In return, UCB receives benefits such as opportunities to promote our products, our company, and/or specific disease awareness activities.

To apply for support under one of these headings, visit our Funding page and find out more about our funding opportunities. We receive a lot of requests and, of course, cannot support every application; however, we are committed to reviewing all requests according to our review criteria.

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