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UCB wins prestigious employer award

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Scott Fleming, UK Communications
At UCB, we know that nurturing talent and fostering a passion for science is crucial to the future of drug development. And this, in turn, is essential for companies like ours which is built on knowledge, innovation and curiosity.

That is why we support PhD studentships, offer school students a chance to visit our labs and learn from our scientists, and give employees opportunities to develop their own skills and competences.

This broad contribution to skills development in the research-based pharmaceutical industry is what makes UCB a good employer – a quality which was recognised on May, 15th at a prestigious awards ceremony in London.

UCB was extremely proud to be named "Employer (global) of the Year" for its contribution to the UK life sciences sector at the 2nd annual Cogent Life Science Skills awards. Cogent is the UK’s Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear, Life Sciences, Petroleum and Polymer Industries.

The "Employer (global) of the Year" category rewards global employers who have demonstrated that they value their workforce. UCB’s application showed that we are committed to ensuring that each individual has had opportunities to improve both personally and professionally through the provision of enabling and flexible learning.

The award recognises UCB’s commitment to encouraging innovation from within. It will inspire us to focus on our most important asset, our employees, who have been integral in establishing the company as a science skills leader.

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