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UCB wins award for patient-friendly packaging design

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Francois Blin, Biological Pharma Sciences
Patients are at the heart of healthcare: everything we do at UCB is about improving the lives of people with severe diseases. But what, in practical terms, does it mean to be patient-centric?

For us, it means thinking about the patient experience and doing what we can to make it better. With every decision we make there are opportunities for helping patients.

For example, last year when we redesigned the packaging of our core medicine for rheumatoid arthritis, we took a step back and thought about the user – the patient.

People with RA have inflammation, swelling and pain in the joints. This can limit hand dexterity and make it difficult to perform many day-to-day activities like showering, getting dressed, doing chores, walking short distances, and running simple errands.

That is why our packaging team worked with patients to develop a completely redesigned version of the pre-filled syringes pack that would be easy to use. Together, we included 20 new and improved features. The move towards this refined packaging solution is perfectly fitting with UCB’s mission to bring innovation and value to people living with severe diseases.

For example, there are now several ways to open the packaging, making it easier for people with limited dexterity to access their medicine. An anti-tampering feature and hologram verification offer reassurance that the product is an authentic UCB medicine. The packaging is also sourced from recycled material and uses 25% less cardboard than earlier product packs.

In recognition of these efforts, UCB won the European Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council’s 2015 Columbus Packaging Award. The award acknowledges the impact of smart packaging design on patient compliance and adherence. UCB’s pre-filled syringes pack was selected as the winner out of hundreds of entries.
More to read on the HCPC website.

By helping patients to take their medicine as prescribed, we are not only improving their day-to-day experience but increasing their quality of life by ensuring they get the treatment they need.

We were delighted that our patient-centric approach has been rewarded and look forward to continuing to partner with patients to improve their lives in every way we can.

Should you need some more information about this awarded packaging solution, feel free to contact François Blin (Biological Pharma Sciences Development Team): francois.blin@ucb.com.