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UCB takes the stage at International Mobile Health and Seizure Detection Congress

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Erik Janssen, Innovative Solutions Mission, Neurology Patient Value Unit
This week, colleagues from across UCB’s Neurology PVU are participating in the 1st International Congress on Mobile Health Devices and Seizure Detection in Epilepsy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Recent and significant advances in signal analysis and mobile technology have triggered a boom in the field of mobile health. This has prompted the development of many important applications which  can support management of, and provide value to, patients with epilepsy, including in the field of seizure detection.

In addition to providing a key-note address at the meeting, UCB colleagues will be interacting with experts from around the world, discussing some of the exciting initiatives we are currently involved with.

We will describe progress with our SeizeIT Programme, a discrete personalized epilepsy seizure detection device we’re developing in partnership which aims to provide patients and healthcare professionals with continuous remote seizure monitoring to improve management of epilepsy with a cost effective, non-invasive design.

We will share progress from the RADARs CNS (Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Central Nervous System) initiative, another public private partnership programme in which UCB  is providing epilepsy knowledge and expertise to transform patient care through remote assessment using wearable technologies such as smartphones or fitness trackers.

And, we will also be showcasing the work of partners such as Helpilepsy, a digital open platform for Neurologists and their patients which supports epilepsy tracking and management – an initiative which was ‘born’ from an epilepsy ‘Hackathon’ we curated in 2015.

At UCB, we are keen to be at forefront of these technologies. As world leaders in the development of anti-epilepsy medicines, our focus is on improving experiences for the millions of people with epilepsy around the world – many of whom experience seizures that are still poorly controlled. We believe that blending new technologies with anti-epilepsy medicines could dramatically improve outcomes and experiences for patients.

In addition to showcasing current projects, we are keen to learn about new opportunities in this space, to discuss how they might provide additional value to people with epilepsy and to explore areas for future partnership and collaboration.

Everything we do at UCB is Inspired by patients, and Driven by science. In this regard, harnessing technology and innovation are crucial elements in our mission to provide maximum value to those patients who need it the most.

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