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UCB recognised for contribution to life sciences

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    We thought we’d share some good news with you today: UCB CEO Dr Roch Doliveux has collected the 2012 BioAlps award on behalf of the company.

    Dr Doliveux was in Switzerland this week to receive the prize which is awarded by BioAlps, the Swiss life sciences group, in recognition of companies that play a major role in the sector.

    We are all delighted by this honour which highlights UCB’s ongoing commitment to cutting-edge scientific research. Our company’s connection with Switzerland has been strengthened by our investment in the new biotechnology production plant in Bulle.

    Building work on the Bulle plant began in May and it will be the site for the production of an antibody-based therapy used to treat severe diseases. UCB’s connection with Bulle goes back 15 years and the region’s strength in attracting world-class research and education institutions is one of the factors that encouraged our company to make a long-term investment in the area.

    This is the 3rd award for UCB in less than 12 months. In January the company collected the BEL20 Best Performer Award for being the best performing firm on Euronext, the main Brussels stock exchange.

    Add to that the European Mediscience Company of the Year award which UCB won in June and it has been a good year so far.

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