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UCB: leading the way in sustainability

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Isabelle de Cambry, Corporate Societal Responsibility
We want to develop medicines that can improve the lives of people with severe diseases. But we believe this can be done in a sustainable way that maximizes shared value for society.

How sustainable are we as a company? Well according to the announcement made by Corporate Knights at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, we not only made it into the Global 100 Index again, we have climbed up the list from 76th position to 18th!

Global Knights is an independent media and investment advisory company based in Canada and the Global 100 Index is a recognised measure of corporate sustainability.
The Index looks at three main areas: resource management, financial management and employee management. It assesses companies’ performance based on four indicators per area.

UCB is performing particularly well in terms of innovation capacity, waste management, and ‘Clean Capitalism Pay Link’ which connects the pay of senior executives to clean capitalism targets.

We feel confident that we have improved the way we operate. Indeed, UCB was one of the top 3 biggest upward movers this year, climbing 58 places. Our company was third out of nine pharmaceutical and biotech companies featured in the Top 100.

After such a strong performance we will have to redouble our efforts to stay in the Top 20 and climb higher still.

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