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UCB in the world’s 100 most sustainable companies

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Isabelle de Cambry, Head of Corporate Societal Responsibility
“How is it going?” Most of us have probably been asked some variation of this question today and the answer is typically “fine”, “well” or “good, thanks”.
But when it comes to answering that question as a company, the response depends on how you measure success. As a publicly-listed company, most investors and financial analysts look to our latest financial results as a benchmark of how things are going.

Other people prefer evidence of strong corporate social (or societal) responsibility as an indicator of how a company interacts with its customers, stakeholders and society at large.

There are indices for just about everything these days. Regular readers will know that we were very proud to share the latest EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard last month which showed UCB was ranked as the number 1 R&D investor in Belgium.

Well, today we are pleased to share another annual ranking in which UCB has fared very well: the annual Sustainability Global 100 index which rates companies on a range of sustainability criteria.

Launched in 2005, the Global 100 is unveiled each year at the World Economic Forum in Davos and assesses mid, large and mega-cap companies across all industries and geographies.

Making the top 100 is no mean feat so we at UCB were pleased to be featured at number 76 in the overall ranking and at number 7 in the pharma and biotech sector.

The ranking, compiled by Corporate Knights, a media and financial information company, uses publicly-disclosed data to measure how companies are prepared to meet future challenges. Our Corporate Societal Responsibility Team worked with the researchers to review the data and provide any additional figures that were required.

How companies use natural resources, such as energy and water; innovative capacity; and employee turnover and leadership diversity are among the criteria.

One of the goals of this sustainability index is to see how resource scarcity, environmental stress, the transition to the ‘knowledge economy’, and greater expectations for corporate disclosure will affect the performance of companies.

Sustainability is an important part of everything we do. We invest in new medicines because we want our business as strong in 20 years as it is today; we build partnerships with patients and healthcare professionals to ensure we deliver what our customers need; we strive to use natural and human resources intelligently because a company is nothing without its environment and its people.

So, there may be many ways to measure success but whatever way you look at it, UCB is performing well. We’re in the top league and always working to climb up the league table.

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