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Our Company Magazine Detail listening to you

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    We know that the only way to make more user-friendly is to listen to feedback from users. That’s why we took part again  in the online benchmarking survey of pharmaceutical companies’ corporate websites.

    The survey asks web-users about their experience with the site and is an invaluable source of information about how we can make the most of  for our users.

    UCB participated in the survey in 2009 and now in 2011 and we are pleased that, by incorporating feedback from the first survey, user-satisfaction is on the up.

    In 2009, overall satisfaction with was 61%, putting us in fourth place of the five companies taking part that year.
    This year, with seven pharmaceutical companies taking part, satisfaction with is 74% which places us joint-first.

    Indeed, we improved our performance on every aspect of  user-satisfaction assessed by the survey. For us, as company aspiring to be a patient-centric biopharma leader, it was particularly encouraging to learn that even more users see the site as being patient-focussed.

    There were also notable improvements in how users rated our site’s content and navigation, as well as the credibility of the information provided.

    Of course, there’s always room for improvement. So while we’re heartened by our progress in the latest benchmarking survey, the immediate response here at UCB will be to analyse the results and find ways to make further improvements.

    And, as ever, we welcome your thoughts, comments, criticisms and ideas on how to make better.

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