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UCB Voices: Listen, Share, Act

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Bahar Etratti, Global Employee & Change Communications
At UCB we are committed to improving how we work. That’s why we survey our global workforce to help us find ways to make this a company people feel passionate about.

Engaging is becoming part of our DNA. The UCB Voices survey, now in its second year, asks UCB employees around the world for their views on the company, gives an opportunity to share ideas and suggestions, and produces concrete actions.
‘Listen, Share, Act’ describes the essence of what we’re trying to do through the survey. Think of it as a global suggestion box for the 21st century, albeit a much more structured and dynamic one.
More than just a satisfaction questionnaire, UCB Voices is about engagement. It offers insights into pride, loyalty, and satisfaction levels of the thousands of individuals who make up our company. This gives considerable scope for ensuring UCB people become empowered advocates for the work we do together.

Crucially, it produces results. The external company conducting UCB Voices produces detailed reports for hundreds of team managers from which Priority Action Areas are developed at all levels of the organisation.

We are already feeling the benefits of taking part in the survey. Last year we saw a strong response rate of 78%. This year, it has increased significantly, with 86% of employees participating. This demonstrates the level of faith people have in UCB Voices as a way of making our workplace better.
The results of this year’s UCB Voices survey are currently being analysed and will be shared with the relevant teams in the months ahead. The exercise will be repeated next year as part of our ongoing ‘listening’ exercise.

We have great people at UCB and we want to build on their drive and passion for performance; we want engaged and active teams capable of delivering for patients and other stakeholders.

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