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UCB Ventures makes its first direct investment

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Laurent Schots, Global Communications and Company Reputation
Brussels, Belgium, 13 June 2018. — Today, UCB Ventures announces its first direct investment in the oversubscribed $15.7 million Series A Financing Round for StrideBio, Inc., a US-based biotechnology company developing novel adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors for in vivo gene therapies of rare diseases. 

The financing was led by Hatteras Venture Partners, and in addition to UCB Ventures, co-investors include Takeda Ventures, Inc. and Alexandria Venture Investments, LLC. Erica Whittaker, PhD, Vice President, Head of UCB Ventures, and Jayson Punwani, PhD, Partner, Takeda Ventures, Inc. have joined StrideBio’s Board of Directors.

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