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UCB Germany happy to collect a Human Resources Excellence Award 2017

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Werner Bleilevens, Communications Central Europe
At UCB, we need the best people to join our teams working to bring value to patients. But when it comes to recruiting top talent, we like to do things a little differently.

Our team at UCB Germany has just won a prize for its innovative approach to recruitment.  We were very happy to collect a Human Resources Excellence Award 2017 in the “Recruiting marketing campaign” category.

The award recognises a video produced as part of our search for young talent. The film aims to position UCB as an attractive employer in Germany, especially for younger people.

The movie turns a regular interview situation upside down: UCB applies to be an employer. The use of animated graphics, virtual reality glasses and drone footage makes it dynamic, modern and interesting for candidates.

An interactive feature turns the user into the screenwriter, allowing them to decide how the film proceeds. Not only did several of our young colleagues star in the film – colleagues from all departments and levels contributed their time. This is a testament to the sense of team spirit and collegiality at UCB.

It was an intensely competitive category with over 400 submissions. In late October, we learned that we had been shortlisted along with some of the world’s biggest brands in the healthcare, retail and automotive sectors. We were delighted that our presentation convinced the jury that the initiative deserved to be recognised with a prize.

Watch our film. Find out about UCB careers https://www.ucb.com/careers/.

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