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Bahar Etratti, Global Communications & Company Reputation
It is often said that knowledge is power. For people with epilepsy and their healthcare professionals, knowledge is the power to control seizures and symptoms.

That is why UCB scientists strive to develop new medicines to improve patients' lives and to explore how our therapies can meet the needs of people living with severe diseases.

Modern medicine is fueled by data. By generating and sharing information, UCB can make a valuable contribution to science, with the ultimate goal of enhancing clinical practice and thus improving outcomes for patients.

At the 31st International Epilepsy Congress (September 5-9) held in Istanbul, Turkey, UCB will present a total of 17 accepted abstracts, including three 'Best Posters' – selected by the Scientific and Organising Committee based on merit – as well as an oral presentation.

These data presentations will share information on the use of our epilepsy medicines in a range of patient populations, as well as pre-clinical studies and clinical trials of an anti-epileptic compound from our late-stage development pipeline.

UCB's strong presence at the IEC reinforces our foundational approach to delivering value to epilepsy patients by fueling progress in our understanding of the disease and its management. By continuing to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge we can help to address the unmet needs of people living with epilepsy.

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