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Rheumatologists agree - partnerships for patients are key

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Andrea Christopher, Gobal Communications & Company Reputation
As UCB presents important data on an array of rheumatologic diseases at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR) 2017 in Madrid, Spain, a new survey finds that rheumatologists across Europe and the U.S. are interested in the kind of research UCB is presenting at EULAR because it may “help them help their patients”.

Learn more about new UCB data at EULAR 2017:

The UCB-sponsored survey was conducted by SERMO – one of the world’s most prominent social networks and largest pollsters for physicians, and included volunteer responses from 111 certified and verified rheumatologist members in the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

When provided with a list of research topics, rheumatologists who participated in the survey considered the following to be important:
  • New potential treatment options for pregnant or breastfeeding women with rheumatologic conditions, since many currently approved treatments are either contraindicated or not recommended for use by these women (96%)
  • Radiographic and MRI imaging evidence of long-term treatment effectiveness for patients with axSpA, including AS and nr-axSpA (94%)
  • Additional treatment options for under-treated axSpA patients (66%) and options for adjusting or switching inadequate axSpA treatment regimens (47%).
Rheumatologists who participated in the survey also indicated that it is important for their patients to learn more about their diseases and treatment options. While 65% of those surveyed think their patients have an “adequate level of awareness” about their diseases and treatment options, most also think patients would benefit from additional education about these topics to help with better disease management (66%), symptom control (53%), and interactions with physicians and healthcare teams (52%).

The SERMO survey confirms that rheumatologists are pragmatic advocates for their patients and they know they need research partners who are just as committed. UCB strives to be that partner.

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