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Our revamped website – share your thoughts

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Nathalie Vandenbruaene, Global Communications and Company Reputation
Welcome to our new-look UCB.com. We have redesigned our website to make it more modern and easier to use. If you are a regular visitor, you’ll notice the difference; if you are a newcomer, we hope you will like the design and content on offer.

The decision to revamp the site was made after a survey highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the previous version of UCB.com. On the plus side, the research found that the website was strong and complete, serving different target audiences.

However, we also learned that users found it a little complex and tricky to navigate. Visitors prefer a more visual online experience and our new site seeks to address that need too.

The conclusion, after studying the survey results, was that it was time for UCB.com to evolve. We have worked to make its structure much simpler and to make the user experience even better.

The new site follows the latest trends in web design, offering a more intuitive journey through the information we provide. We have applied a clear design ethic in every section of the site, creating a sense of unity between different areas – from information about diseases and products to company news and scientific insights The tone of voice used throughout the site is also more consistent with UCB’s philosophy.

You can also browse our content according to your own needs. Whether you are a health professional, a patient, an investor or a job-seeker, there is a section for you.

So, the big question: have we succeeded?

Please take a few minutes on the site and let us know what you think.

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