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New report highlights UCB's commitment to sustainability

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Dirk Teuwen, Corporate Societal Responsibility
UCB’s Sustainability Report 2017 highlights our company’s efforts to be a responsible and ethical company – improving the lives of people with severe diseases while practising environmental stewardship and supporting our employees.

In keeping with our goal of minimising our environmental impact, the report is available online only. This makes it widely accessible and allows us to publish it in three languages – English, French and Dutch – without using reams of paper or spilling a drop of ink. You can, of course, print a PDF version for your own use if you wish.

The Sustainability Report 2017 continues to apply Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Indicators and also meets several of the requirements set out in new Belgian legislation. Since September 2017, companies like ours are required to report on non-financial CSR indicators including environmental issues; social and employee matters; human rights; anti-corruption and bribery; and diversity & inclusion.

The first four of these five CSR areas are detailed in the new Sustainability Report which details our policies, due diligence processes, outcomes and the risks, as well as, relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). The findings of these additional reporting requirements have been embedded in the introduction of respective chapters within the Sustainability report. Further information on diversity & inclusion will be found in the 2017 Annual Report.

UCB goes beyond our essential legal reporting requirements. In addition to complying with Belgian legislation and embracing the GRI G4 Sustainability Indicators, our company subscribes to various initiatives under the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

The SDGs set a clear benchmark for progress toward a world in which every person will have the right to a healthy life, development, protection and participation. To this end, UCB has identified 9 SDGs and 26 areas of engagement with which we identify the most.
Find out more about our activities and initiatives in the areas of sustainable development, environmental stewardship, employee engagement and much more by reading the report for yourself. But remember – think before you print!

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