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New collaboration driven by science

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Pavithra Sundaresan, Global Business Development
At UCB our efforts to deliver new solutions for patients have always been driven by science. We are committing to pursuing this quest for new knowledge by building partnerships with others.

Innovation often begins with collaboration. This is something we have demonstrated through recent initiatives with universities, industry partners and leading scientists.

Last week we were pleased to share news of our latest partnership: UCB has entered a strategic collaboration with FivePrime Therapeutics for the discovery of innovative biologics targets and therapeutics in the areas of fibrosis-related inflammatory diseases and central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

The agreement will see our scientists working together to design assays to screen FivePrime’s library of around 5,600 proteins – some of which may be the key to unlocking the medicines of the future.

FivePrime is a clinical-stage biotechnology company working on the discovery and development of innovative antibody and protein therapeutics. It will use its technology to identify potential drug targets and drug candidates in fibrosis-related inflammatory diseases and CNS disorders – areas that UCB is looking to grow as well as having considerable expertise.

The partnership is the latest example of UCB building supernetworks of innovation to deliver value for people living with severe diseases. Indeed, it embodies our company’s new tagline: "Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science."

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