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Innovative support tools for people with Parkinson’s

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Gordana Atanackovic, Medical Affairs, UCB Canada Inc.
The focus will be on science and patients this week at the World Parkinson Congress in Montreal, Canada, where UCB is pleased to be a sponsor.

The event brings together clinicians, researchers, people living with Parkinson’s disease, caregivers and advocacy groups, and is an ideal forum for sharing information with the PD community.

At UCB, our continued efforts to support people with Parkinson’s disease will be illustrated by two posters on educational support initiatives.

First presented poster is the Parkinson’s Well-Being Map™. The map is a visual tool for supporting patient dialogue with their care team, which was developed by UCB in collaboration with the European Parkinson’s Disease Association, The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (UK), and the Federación Española de Párkinson (Spain).

The map features a chart with eight radial axes representing sleep disturbances, attention/memory, digestion and the gut, movement, bladder and sexual function, pain, mood and other non-motor symptoms. Patients with Parkinson’s rate how frequently they experience symptoms on a scale of 0-4, offering an ‘at-a-glance’ visual representation of their disease status.

Second poster will present The Parkinson’s More than Motion™ programme which employs multi-media resources, including Facebook, a reality video series, the Parkinson’s Well-being Map™, a magazine and advocacy events to support patients affected by PD. This programme is available only in the USA.

The project has grown to become an online community of patients with PD, their families, friends and caregivers sharing stories and engaging in a conversation about a range of PD symptoms.

At UCB we aim to bring fresh thinking to our educational and patient-support initiatives and our active participation at the World Parkinson Congress in Montreal is a living proof that UCB is Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science.

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