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Giving back to epilepsy patients worldwide

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Fabrice Enderlin, HR Communication & CSR
Together with partner organisations, UCB is working to increase awareness of epilepsy, to improve acceptance of people living with the disease, to enhance medical and scientific knowledge among health care workers, and to increase the capacity of diagnosis.

Enhancing partnership, UCB and the King Baudouin Foundation jointly launched the UCB Societal Responsibility Fund. This Fund aims to support disadvantaged people living with epilepsy.

The Fund, operated by the King Baudouin Foundation, a well-established independent not-for-profit organisation based in Belgium, offers grants to organisations around the world that share our goals.

There are two major initiatives already under way.

First, the Brothers of Charity in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Rwanda are operating education and training programmes for doctors, helping them to become full neurologists or teaching professors. This will further enhance education for medical and nursing students as well as improving access to care for people living with epilepsy.

Second and in the same vein, the Fund works with Project HOPE on our Rainbow Bridge project which aims to improve medical care for children living with epilepsy in China, and to provide psychological support for their families.
Through a network of ten children’s hospitals nationwide, including the world renowned Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC), the project will encompass health education and professional training for paediatric neurologists on advanced epilepsy clinical diagnosis.

It is important to us that our company can give support to the global epilepsy community through these kinds of projects.

We see our role not just as a provider of innovative therapies but as an active member of a community that can contribute to improving epilepsy care in a universal way.

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