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Epilepsy ‘People’s Meeting’: Danish colleagues partner with epilepsy community to focus on improving diagnosis, management and treatment of epilepsy at largest political event in Denmark

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    Epilepsy is an increasingly major area of national health focus in Denmark. Patients, care-givers, healthcare professionals and health policy makers are working together to focus on improving the management of epilepsy and helping patients achieve a better quality of life.

    UCB shares this ambition, and we are united in our commitment to supporting the epilepsy community. With this in mind, colleagues in Denmark recently played a pivotal role in organizing the first Danish People’s Meeting to include epilepsy as an area of focus.

    People’s Meeting’s provide a venue for Danish politicians to debate political issues with a variety of stakeholders. They are the largest annual political event in Denmark and are attended by 110,000 guests comprising a varied audience including decision makers, politicians, and members of the public.

    The epilepsy section of the People’s Meeting included prominent senior representatives from Danish epilepsy patient and professional associations, a national epilepsy Center of Excellence lead as well as the Chairman of the Danish Health Committee. Henrik Klitgaard, Vice President and Fellow, UCB New Medicines, and expert in innovation in epilepsy, represented UCB at this prestigious event. Topics covered included holistic perspectives about living with epilepsy from patients, family members and medical experts.

    Multiple participants shared their experiences and impressions of epilepsy including their thoughts and feedback on the “In my shoes” virtual reality simulation, an initiative co-created by UCB, which provides a first-person perspective about the thoughts, emotions and sensations which might be experienced by someone surrounding a seizure.

    Participants debated unmet needs in diagnostics and treatment of epilepsy, and discussed some of the socioeconomic factors which affect management and day to day epilepsy experiences.

    Henrik Klitgaard also provided his unique perspective on potential future developments for epilepsy management, including the convergence of science and technology and how this could be instrumental in developing exciting new treatment options which could provide additional value to patients.

    In supporting the epilepsy community to debate, discuss and engage about how best to support and improve experiences for people with epilepsy, colleagues in Denmark exemplify our patient value strategy and our commitment to adding value to and improving the lives of patients.

    Building on the energy and success of this event, numerous follow up activities are planned, helping to ensure we maintain the momentum already generated to continue to make a positive difference for people with epilepsy.

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