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Demonstrating UCB’s continued commitment to epilepsy

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Eimear O'Brien, Brand Communications
This week UCB will be at the 10th European Congress on Epileptology in London.

The event is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our continued commitment to epilepsy and to improving the lives of people living with the disease.

We are sponsoring several data presentations on epilepsy as well as an analysis of health-related quality of life of patients in the PatientsLikeMe epilepsy community.  

UCB has a strong heritage in epilepsy as well as a promising pipeline but we are also committed to delivering meaningful support programmes for people living with epilepsy. On European Epilepsy Day 2011 and 2012 we supported the Epilepsy in our Time initiative that explored the day to day life of people living with epilepsy.

At the same time we are playing an active role in breaking the stigma of epilepsy through the Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism Award – a joint initiative with the International Bureau for Epilepsy that is now in its fourth year that recognises media reporting on epilepsy that is informative and gives a voice to people with the disease.

The award has attracted a growing number of entries from all over the world and we hope that many of the journalists attending the Congress in London will consider entering this year.

In the meantime, preparation for the congress continues apace and whether  you are a healthcare professional, academic or scientist we look forward to seeing some of you in London.

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