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Capturing the value that we bring to patients in the real world

Lee Edward, Patient Value Immunology & US Solutions
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Lee Edward, Patient Value Immunology & US Solutions
These days there is increasing focus on the impact medicines and other healthcare interventions have on patients. Regulators and payers are looking not only for clinical trial data, but for real-world evidence (RWE) better bridging the gap from efficacy to effectiveness. High quality evidence of this kind can inform crucial decisions that determine patient access to therapies.

Capturing and analyzing robust RWE is essential to providing insights to decision-makers. This can make a significant difference in areas such as value-based contracting. To enhance our capacity in this area, UCB is partnering with Aetion, a healthcare technology company producing transparent, rapid, and robust answers on treatments, costs, and outcomes.

The insights generated through this collaboration will inform health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), particularly in immunology and neurology in the US. It will support UCB’s mission to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases by continuously working to advance science and embrace new knowledge, embodied by our patient value strategy.

For us at UCB, expanding our RWE capability sits well with our digital business transformation. By using the latest analytics tools to assess unmet patient need and to develop medicines for patients faster, we are boosting the company’s ability to bring value to patients.

In the process, we hope to be able to demonstrate, using scientifically sound analytics, the impact our therapies have on people who use them. Like all UCB partnerships, we expect this new agreement with Aetion to help us improve people’s lives.

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