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Can smart wearable sensors help improve care for patients with chronic diseases?

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Dolors Terricabras, Patient Solutions Team
UCB is partnering with innovative electronics company MC10 Inc. to explore how wearable sensing technology can be used to benefit patients. Smart sensors have the potential to transform how chronic diseases are managed.

Today, monitoring a patient's condition and checking how they are responding to treatment involves a visit to a hospital or clinic, and physicians making an assessment of the patient’s response to treatment and disease progression, during a pre-scheduled, short consultation appointment.

However, advances  in wearable technologies that can passively monitor patients, offer a whole new level of objective insights into how chronic diseases affect patients throughout the day and night.

Health professionals could use information collected from wearable technologies to optimise patients' treatment and care plans. It opens the possibility for a more personalised and responsive approach to patient care, as well as having the potential to accelerate clinical research by allowing scientists to study the real-world impact of therapies.

Patients could use the information collected from wearable technologies to become more empowered and play a bigger role in the management of their condition.

Marrying the latest in cutting-edge  knowledge in the field of wearable electronic sensors with solid biopharmaceutical expertise requires partnership. That is why UCB is working with MC10 Inc. to explore the potential of MC10's Biostamp platform.

MC10 Inc. develops stretchable, electronic sensing systems that bend, flex, and twist to match the properties of the human body.  The Biostamp platform offers a unique, patient-friendly solution for disease monitoring and management.

This new collaboration is the latest example of UCB’s commitment to partnership, and our willingness to seek innovative solutions for patients wherever they can be found.

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