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Big plans for industrial scale biotech plant

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Nicolas Tièche, Coordination Mgr Bioplant Switzerland
UCB has been in Bulle for 15 years. Our pharmaceutical production centre there already employs more than 200 people and investing €250 million in the new development will ultimately create new jobs.

It’s a major expansion but it matches our ambition and is a clear sign of our intent to become the patient-centric biopharma leader. In any case, the new microbial biotech plant is necessary to meet demand for one of our new flagship immunology products.

The new building will be almost 20,000m2 which gives us a significant increase in production capacity. The Bulle plant will become the UCB group’s first large-scale biotechnological production centers. It will be operational in 2015 and is one of two new biotech plants which the company has invested in.

Now that the architectural plans have been unveiled, the details of its design can be shared with the public. The plant will house production areas and support services as quality control IPC labs, warehouse, maintenance & metrology workshops.

With building work set to begin in the first quarter of next year it looks like we’re in for a busy period in Bulle – and this is just the beginning!

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