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A new look for UCB

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    Regular readers may have noticed that we have refreshed the look and feel of In fact, we have reworked the company’s entire visual presentation as part of our new identity.

    Earlier this year we spoke about our new tagline - Inspired by patients. Driven by science. – and how it conveys UCB’s commitment to both a holistic approach to care and our pursuit of excellence in science.

    Our ultimate purpose is to improve the everyday lives of people living with severe diseases. That’s what drives us and everything about our new identity stems from this single promise.

    Take the pictures you see at the top of the page as an example. These ‘story screens’ are like screen shots from a movie about real people’s lives. The sequential way images are portrayed convey  the story of people on a journey through life.

    These are not actors or models or stock photos. They are real people whose stories are, each in their own way, intertwined with UCB’s promise. The images bring out the idea that UCB is not just about one facet of a person, a health issue or disease; we do not view things in one dimension.

    That holds true for the patients we ultimately aim to serve, the healthcare professionals with whom we connect, for the scientists who search for new therapies, for all of us who work at UCB and our diverse range of partners.

    If you want to know more about our identity and our promise, watch this video.

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