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A comprehensive approach to supporting epilepsy

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Amy Chandler, Public Relations & Communications, UCB Inc.
On the first weekend of December, UCB joined other organizations and experts committed to raising the standard of care in epilepsy at the American Epilepsy Society (AES) Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

At AES, UCB demonstrated its commitment to epilepsy research, support for patients and caregivers and cooperation with other leaders in the epilepsy community.

Our ongoing investment in epilepsy research was illustrated by 10 UCB-sponsored posters which were presented to the 3,000 international experts in attendance. The studies we shared at the meeting looked not just as the safety and efficacy of our therapies but also at broader issues that affect people with epilepsy.

Visitors to the UCB booth in the exhibit hall had the opportunity to meet some of the seizure response dogs from Canine Assistants. We are proud to be the sole sponsor of Canine Assistants seizure response dogs, a unique program that provides specially trained service dogs to people with epilepsy. UCB’s support of this program pays for the training and lifetime veterinary care for these dogs.

Each year at AES, UCB hosts the President’s Dinner, which is a unique opportunity to engage with neurologists, epileptologists and leaders of the epilepsy community.

We were fortunate to be joined in San Diego by Henrik Klitgaard, a UCB Research Fellow and a leading figure in the epilepsy research community. During his keynote address at President’s Dinner, Henrik elaborated on our heritage in epilepsy and shared UCB’s vision for the future of epilepsy research, which is to move from treatments that target seizures as a symptom of epilepsy to developing medicines that treat the underlying causes of epilepsy.

Another speaker at President’s Dinner was Tess Dunn, a 2012 UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship™ winner and singer-songwriter from California. Tess spoke about her experiences living with epilepsy before performing an original song. Following the event, we received many comments about how inspirational it was to hear Tess share her experiences and talents.

The combination of UCB’s commitment to research and support for people with epilepsy that were on display in San Diego illustrates our dedication to collaborating with the epilepsy community to raise the standard of care for patients.

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