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10 year anniversary: annual immunology summit provides valuable, cutting edge education to global audience

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Andrea Christopher, Global Communications & Company Reputation

Where do physicians from all over the world go when they want to understand the latest scientific innovations in immunology? They attend the 10th Annual Immunology Summit, exclusively sponsored by UCB for the last decade. The theme of this year’s event, held in Prague, March 14-16, was “Paving the way to disease control: have we reached the Summit?”

UCB CEO Jean-Christophe Tellier addresses attendees at the 10th Annual Immunology Summit in Prague, March 14-16, 2019.

The Summit explored the concept of disease activity control and how it has evolved over time – at different paces for different disease indications – and the implications for clinical practice. Strategies for optimizing disease activity control from a rheumatological and dermatological perspective were discussed, while maintaining a strong focus on the patient’s perspective and collaborative care. The program was split into four sessions, each including panel discussions, audience response voting and workshops.

This event has continued to grow in popularity, with a 10% increase in attendance since last year. This year, 460 HCPs and 48 faculty from more than 30 countries attended the event. The summit included rheumatologists and dermatologists, for the first time.  UCB’s long term dedication to creating this annual Immunology Summit demonstrates our leadership in immunology and our willingness to bring forth dynamic learning programs that can truly bring value to patients by educating physicians and improving their care.

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