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‘Inspired by patients. Driven by science.’

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    UCB’s new tagline – ‘Inspired by patients. Driven by science.’ – conveys our commitment to both a holistic approach to care and the pursuit of excellence in science.

    This focus on empathy and innovation reflects the core of what UCB is today, and will guide our future.

    Summing up an organisation in just a few words is not easy. It took time and thought to capture the essence of a large company like ours in a way that was bold and authentic.

    The tagline was rolled out internally at the end of 2012 and we have now begun sharing it more widely.

    The feedback has been hugely positive. Our colleagues have been quick to embrace it and external partners view it as strong and credible.

    At UCB, we have deep pride in our commitment to partnership and also the expertise we bring to our relationships with patients, physicians and payers.

    This new tagline is a promise to live up to our fundamental values. It truly reflects what we stand for.

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