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Research transparency adds value for patients

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    UCB strives to improve the lives of people with severe diseases. One way we can contribute to scientific understanding is to share information about our clinical and observational research.

    We have developed a new policy setting out what, when, how and where we share information about our research with patients and the public. This will help patients to make informed decisions, while also supporting future clinical research.

    We see this revamped policy as a win-win for patients and researchers. Patients and their caregivers will have access to more data than ever before. This can be used to make informed decisions about their healthcare options. It reflects a wider shift towards greater patient empowerment, helping people with severe diseases become active partners in managing their conditions.

    UCB’s new policy also supports scientific research. Sharing individual patient-level data, in a secure way, allows for better research decisions. This in turn translates into faster and improved insights. These results drive scientific discover. Ultimately this supports our shared goal of improving the lives of patients.

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