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Driving public-private partnerships in neuroscience

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    It cannot be said often enough: the scientific advances of the future will come through collaborations.

    The days are long gone when companies, academics, governments and patient groups would attempt to solve grand complex challenges alone. The old way is inefficient, costly and slow.

    A living example of this new multilateral partnership approach can be found in the Neuroallianz Consortium, a strategic alliance between publicly-funded research institutions, biotech companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

    The consortium focuses on researching and developing innovative diagnostics and therapies to improve treatment options for neurodegenerative diseases.

    The German Federal Ministry ofGefordert vom BMBF
    Education and Research (BMBF) last year increased its support for the Neuroallianz to a total of €40 million in recognition of the successful close collaboration between academic and industry partners.

    One of the ways in which the consortium drives excellent science is through the Neuroallianz Publication Award which is sponsored by UCB. This is the second year we have supported the awards and we are pleased to see it becoming something of a ‘tradition’.

    During the annual Neuroallianz Community Workshop held in Bonn in November, the Strategic Advisory Board of the Neuroallianz Consortium awarded three prizes for basic research work which could have future implications for the management of multiple sclerosis  and Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

    This work is not only of academic interest but has high commercial potential as well. Collaborating at an early stage with excellent partners can help to bring new knowledge to patients earlier than working in isolation.

    And, crucially, multilateral partnerships like this can deliver results beyond what could be achieved alone or in bilateral collaborations.

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