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Diversity & Inclusion: Why it matters to UCB

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    UCB has been named among the Top 25 companies in the 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Index. This reflects our continued efforts to ensure that our workforce reflects the wider community.

    Diversity and inclusion matter here at UCB. We want to bring life-changing medicines to patients around the world and to play an active, positive role in the communities where we operate. It is vital that our teams are connected to our local and global communities; that we see ourselves in those we serve and that our patients see themselves in us.

    This approach is good for our company. By embracing diverse talents, motivating our people, and leveraging diversity of thought and experience, we can maximise the value we create for patients.

    That is why we strive to attract diverse talent to our teams and ensure that they have a path to career progression within the organisation. After all, diversity is nothing without inclusion: it is simply not enough to have a diverse workforce if this is not reflected at all levels within the company. Diversity has most value when it is matched with inclusion; when diverse voices are heard from the manufacturing line to the boardroom.

    We are proud to see our efforts continuing to pay off. It was heartening to see UCB featured, once again, in the top 25 of this year’s Diversity & Inclusion Index which ranks the most diverse and inclusive workplaces across multiple industries.

    The Index is compiled by Refinitiv, based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) data reviewed by trained analysts. The dataset draws on a range of public information sources to provide an up-to-date, objective and comprehensive measure of whether companies are living up to their promises of delivering great diversity and inclusion.

    From this large data pool, 24 key metrics are used to score 7,000 listed companies under four pillars: ‘Diversity’, ‘Inclusion’, ‘People Development’ and ‘Controversies’. We hope that this data inspires talented individuals to consider careers at UCB, and that it shows the wider business community that we are a forward-thinking – and forward-acting – organisation.

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