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At UCB, we live by our tagline, "Inspired by patients. Driven by Science." As a science-focused business, we recognize that science starts at watching the clouds cross the sky, hearing our heartbeat, or seeing the wonder of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We are driven by the idea we have a role to play in "Inspiring Science" for the next generation of scientists who may go on to develop solutions for the severe immunological and neurological conditions we address.
UCB in the U.S. makes proactive contributions to support the overall missions of recognized nonprofit organizations. UCB has long been a supporter in the community and aim to focus our U.S. charitable giving with a strategic focus on STEM organizations in the five U.S. markets where UCB has an office (Atlanta, Raleigh, Boston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.) as well as giving special consideration to organizations that reach a population underserved with STEM education opportunities. Beyond STEM, giving may be tied to employee volunteer activities, public health, and our commitments to sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
At this time, UCB generally does not accept unsolicited requests from charitable donations from external organizations. For future consideration, you can submit a letter of request, along with the mission of your organization, priorities, and accomplishments to U.S. Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at
If your organization is selected as a recipient of a charitable donation, you will receive a letter from UCB confirming the donation amount and the process for accessing the funds. Our proactive giving model allows us to concentrate time and resources on organizations inspiring science now and in the future.



UCB in the U.S. provides educational grants for independent, accredited and non-accredited programs that foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical, and healthcare issues and contribute to the enhancement of patient care. Symposia, grand rounds, and web-based educations activities are a few examples.

All programs must be non-promotional in nature and should be focused on healthcare professionals, patients, and/or caregivers.

Note: Read the FAQ and instructions document before submitting your grant request. Changes in policy or guidance will be updated in this document, so please review it before each request.

Areas of Interest

Ankylosing SpondylitisParkinson's Disease
Crohn’s Disease*Psoriasis
EpilepsyPsoriatic Arthritis
Hidradenitis SuppurativaRheumatoid Arthritis

Call for Grants/RFPs:

  • None

Follow this link to submit a grant request - select 'Yes' for "Medical or Patient Education":

*Requests for the therapeutic area of Gastroenterology (Crohn’s Disease) should be submitted to Ferring Pharmaceuticals through the following link

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Investigator-Initiated Studies

The aim of the UCB Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS) program is to support unsolicited, and independently initiated and conducted, studies that have the potential to enhance medical and scientific knowledge.

Therapeutic Areas of Interest

UCB is primarily focused on the following areas of therapeutic expertise (alphabetically listed):

Ankylosing SpondylitisParkinson's Disease
Axial SpondyloarthritisPsoriatic Arthritis
Crohn's Disease*Restless Legs Syndrome
EpilepsyRheumatoid Arthritis
Low Bone Mass DisorderSystemic Lupus Erythematosus

UCB will also consider innovative ideas that enhance patient care and advance scientific knowledge.

UCB support may be provided in the form of funding and/or investigational drugs (product or compound manufactured/owned by UCB).

Submitting a Concept

UCB is using the eRequest on-line submission portal to manage all Investigator-Initiated Study requests worldwide. To submit a concept, please click here:

An appropriate Review Committee will evaluate the submitted proposals. Depending on the therapeutic area, this review is performed monthly or bimonthly. If a concept is recommended for a full proposal submission, an IIS Team member will contact the applicant with further instructions.

eRequest is available for IIS submissions worldwide.

*Requests for the therapeutic area of Gastroenterology (Crohn’s Disease) should be submitted to Ferring Pharmaceuticals through the following link


You can contact your local UCB Medical Science Liaison or UCB Medical Affairs office in your country.

All IIS process queries should be sent to


UCB in the U.S. defines sponsorships as financial or other support provided to an organization, institution, or entity that furthers UCB’s corporate reputation or medical, scientific and/or patient knowledge. In return, UCB receives benefits such as participation/networking, placement of corporate branding or resources, opportunities to promote our products or companies, and/or specific disease awareness activities.

The benefits must equate to more than incidental recognition of support and provide a valuable return to UCB. The value of these benefits should be fair and commensurate with the level of support provided.

Sponsorship activities can include:

  • Scientific or industry meeting with promotional opportunities (product or company provided)
  • Scientific or industry meeting with participation allowed (participation contingent on support)
  • Walk/run/ride events
  • Gala/fundraising events
  • Patient/caregiver outreach or education programs with associated UCB benefit/promotion opportunity
  • Corporate Memberships

For questions about sponsorships, please email

Areas of Interest

Ankylosing SpondylitisPsoriasis
Crohn's Disease*Psoriatic Arthritis
EpilepsyRestless Legs Syndrome
Low Bone Mass DisorderRheumatoid Arthritis
Parkinson's DiseaseSystemic Lupus Erythematosus

Follow this link to submit a sponsorship request - select 'Yes' for "Other type of support":

*Requests for the therapeutic area of Gastroenterology (Crohn’s Disease) should be submitted to Ferring Pharmaceuticals through the following link