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A dedicated UCB team is setting annual CSR priorities which are reviewed and approved by UCB’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The team reports to the Executive Head Talent and Company Reputation, who is accountable for matters relating to social responsibility and sustainability at the Executive Committee level.

CSR Board brings together a multidisciplinary team and oversees the activities of the CSR team.

The CSR team focuses on managing and continuously enhancing the CSR reporting procedures and instruments, while leaning on the valuable input of a company-wide CSR network. The UCB CSR Report network is composed of more than 250 UCB colleagues worldwide. Furthermore, benchmarks are being set against which patients, their caregivers, shareholders and other stakeholders can measure our progress in the coming years and against which we can be held accountable.


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Performance indicators and reporting

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For UCB, measuring progress of key performance indicators is performed using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. These GRI Standards provide an internationally recognized and accepted framework for reporting financial and non-financial data.
UCB adopted the GRI framework voluntarily and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), our external auditor, provide an assurance report to selected indicators.

Responsible and ethical business conduct