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As the world leader in epilepsy knowledge and treatment, UCB’s initiated several patient initiatives aimed to:

UCB continues to support six ongoing CSR patient initiatives across five countries and has allocated €1.6 million to those programs annually since 2013.

In Africa, UCB supports two initiatives of Brothers of Charity in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Kigali (Rwanda) as well as an initiative by the World Health Organisation in Mozambique.

In Asia, UCB supports a YaoYang Care initiative of the Business Development Center of the Red Cross Society of China and a Rainbow Bridge initiative of project HOPE, both in China as well as an initiative by the World Health Organization in Myanmar.

In 2016, UCB also selected three new partnerships in Africa.  Initiatives with: Duke University in Uganda; Handicap International in Madagascar; and, One Family Health in Rwanda.

UCB considers that by raising community epilepsy awareness and understanding, building upon the capabilities, capacity and awareness of health care professionals (at all levels) and community voluntary non-health care workers involved in caring for patients and their families, and ensuring sustainable access to essential anti-epileptic drugs, are key components of success for these initiatives.

Indeed treatment of epilepsy has long been neglected in public health programs despite its high disease burden and major impact on people it affects. People with epilepsy and their families often suffer from stigma and discrimination because of lack of knowledge and understanding about this chronic disease. It is therefore essential to ensure that those in need are able to access treatment by knowledgeable and educated health care professionals, as well as access to information about living with epilepsy.


Employee engagement

Employee engagement is a fundamental material aspect of UCB’s strategy. Active interactions between employees are encouraged to appreciate the way we are profoundly connected and how we embrace the insights of patients. The commitment of employees to be ‘inspired by patients, driven by science’ is present every day.

At UCB, we are convinced that by enabling UCB colleagues to understand the patient’s needs, their environment and their challenges, colleagues are stimulated to foster integrated and innovative entrepreneurship and to create circular knowledge sharing amongst colleagues.