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CSR Planet activities are key stepping stones in furthering UCB’s commitment to continuously improve its ecological footprint and to address climate change. Seven areas of engagement have been identified:

  • ensuring legal and regulatory compliance;
  • responsibly using natural resources;
  • enhancing energy efficiency while minimizing carbon footprint;
  • promoting green chemistry;
  • controlling and reducing air emissions;
  • actively managing waste streams;
  • and applying greener lifecycle management principles.

A multi-disciplinary team at UCB reviews the potential impacts and the available strategies to reduce or mitigate risk while ensuring continuity and transparency. UCB then integrates initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility,  use of more resource-efficient processes and new cleaner technologies, to realize improved environmental performance.

UCB supports the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties 21 (COP21) and the under the leadership of Mr. Mark McDade, Executive Vice-president Patient Value Operations, has initiated several programs focused on manufacturing process optimization and reduction of CO2 emissions.  This includes programs to improve energy efficiency, manage energy and water consumption, and avoid and recover waste.

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