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Our Company Corporate Societal Responsibility
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Corporate Societal Responsibility

We believe that persons living with epilepsy in resource-poor countries deserve to get access to quality care.
Our company's CSR efforts are focused on providing a sustainable contribution. We are driven by a passion to make a genuine difference in the lives of patients and their families in a caring and socially responsible manner.


Our contribution

In our quest to create growth and provide value, while diminishing our impact on the environment, UCB adapted a two-dimensional CSR strategy with both a: patient-centric and a planet-centric vision.

To Patients

The human development index, which combines health, education and living standards, as an indicator of socio-economic development.

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To the planet

The ecological footprint as an indicator of the human  demands on our planet.

More about our green strategy

UCB’s Corporate Societal Responsibility team works together with partners in the nine ongoing initiatives in Africa and Asia, in order to bring value to patients with epilepsy.

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We care about global issues

UCB aims to be a social and environmentally conscious leader, adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We currently addressed 9 of the 17 Global Goals. Read more about our areas of engagement...

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Stories of our projects

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