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Walking the talk: thanks to UCB's strong financial performance, we are investing in future growth

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    UCB continues to invest in R&D – sticking to our ambition of creating value for patients

    These days, just about every company talks about investing in innovation. At UCB, we have been doing so for some time now, and we match words with actions: we are walking the talk. UCB is, as planned, accelerating investment in R&D in areas where specific patient populations face unmet medical needs.

    Our capacity to invest in our future is made possible by the great performance of our existing business. As the UCB Half Year Report 2019 shows, company revenues have reached €2.3 billion (+2%, +4% CER ). Net sales for the first six months of 2018 hit €2.2 billion. This delivered underlying profitability (rEBITDA ) of € 724 million (-9%, -1% CER) or a ratio of 31% - driven by higher marketing and selling as well as R&D expenses.

    The report also contains some good news from our promising late-stage pipeline. 2019 has already seen two product approvals and the start of four new phase three trials in psoriatic arthritis, axial spondyloarthritis, drug-resistant focal epilepsy and myasthenia gravis. There were also positive phase three results for one of our core epilepsy medicines.

    I’m particularly impressed by the launch of those four late-stage clinical programs over a six-month period. I cannot recall such a strong period of R&D activity in UCB’s illustrious nine-decade history.

    The company’s performance in the year to date means we are in a position to confirm the 2019 financial outlook. Revenue is expected to reach €4.6 - €4.7 billion; recurring EBITDA should reach 27-29% of revenue; and core earnings per share is expected to be €4.40 - €4.80.

    From my perspective, the UCB Half Year Report 2019 tells us that we are performing as expected and that we are meeting our commitments to invest in research and development that could deliver real value to patients. This means we are not only doing the right things in the present, but doing what’s best for the future.

    All the best wishes to you – if you would like to chat with me, you know where to find me. Take care!

    For more details, download our UCB Half Year Financial  Results or contact me directly:

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