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UCB continues on its growth path

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Antje Witte, Investor Relations
Preparing an interim report means sifting through a lot of data and trends on sales of our medicines from around the world. These numbers are the raw material that goes into our regular reports – it's what investors, analysts and journalists pore over when we release publications like today's report on the first nine months of 2014.

These trends tell a story. One of the first questions reporters from business news wires will ask me is 'What's the story?' They want the big picture; the overall trend. They want to know if the numbers reveal a pattern that points to the company being on course or not.

Well, the story of our latest report is simple. UCB is progressing along its sustainable growth path, tracking well towards peak sales targets and in line with our 2014 financial targets. Translation: things are broadly going as expected. Revenues are up, driven by double-digit growth of our three core medicines.

I can tell you that from my point of view this is always welcome news. When we set targets and share our financial outlook with the world, it is based on a hard-headed and sophisticated analysis of a large volume of information from our portfolio of medicines around the world and the environment.

We know our products and we know our concrete markets but there are still plenty of variables in the equation – including currencies! – so it is always welcome to see the numbers tell us that nine months of the way through the year things are in line with expectations.

But, as Investor Relations officer, my favourite lines in a report like this are 'Financial outlook confirmed' and 'all development projects are tracking well'.

If you want more information on the report or on UCB and our pipeline, do not hesitate to contact me Antje.Witte@ucb.com.

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