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Sharing the good news…

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Antje Witte, Investor Relations
UCB has been recognised for its excellent share price performance in 2011. The company collected the BEL20 Best Performer Award meaning we were the best performing firm on the main Brussels stock exchange.

The UCB share price rose by 27% last year which not only puts us first in the BEL20 but also places us in the top three within our European and US peer group.

This good news was shared – pardon the pun – at the NYSE Euronext New Year’s reception in Brussels this month, giving us reason to cheer. We are honoured and thankful for this award but there’s no time to bask in last year’s glory.

This recognition is an extra incentive for us to continue striving for the best solutions for patients. If we can maintain our success in this regard, it’s bound to have a positive impact on all other stakeholders, including employees and shareholders.

From crisis comes opportunity
I work with investors, analysts and financial journalists all day every day. I’m steeped in the detail of what’s happening on capital markets and what these stakeholders need from us.

And it’s true that anyone reading the financial pages might wish they had skipped to the cartoon section. There are plenty of gloomy headlines about finance and industry right now. I also know that for those interested in the biopharma sector, patients and the R&D pipeline are always an important part of the conversation.

However, UCB is one of the first biopharma companies to overcome the patent cliff and has brought three new medicines to market to supplement its existing stable of mature products. The pipeline is in good shape, with new innovations designed to help patients suffering from severe diseases.

Add to this the fact that we are facing a decade uninterrupted by major patent expirations and the potential for growth is clear. I think this message is getting through but I’ll repeat it anyway.

Yes, governments are looking to find efficiencies in public spending, not least because our ageing populations require treatments that will keep them healthier for longer. But the demographic trends offer new opportunities for those willing to grasp them.

At UCB, we want to lead the way in delivering new medicines that add value and answer patients’ calls for treatments that can tackle unmet needs.

If doing this were easy it would be boring. We know staying at the front of the pack is a challenge but this month’s encouraging news suggests we’re on the right track.

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