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Introducing our new Investor Relations hub

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Isabelle Ghellynck, Investor Relations
We have recently revamped the Investor Relations section of as part of our on-going efforts to serve, shareholders, investors and financial journalists.

The new version has everything the previous incarnation had to offer with a number of additional user-friendly features. We know investors love data. In developing the new-look investors section our goal has been to make information as accessible as possible - which is in line with our broader efforts to uphold the highest standards of transparency and good governance.

The site is divided into six sub-sections, staring with an "Overview" page. After that, "UCB in Brief" gives a summary of the company’s strategy, key products, research pipeline, management structure and a brief history of the organisation.

"UCB Today" includes dedicated pages devoted to our main products. These act as a one-stop shop for information about our key medicines, including details of their patient access, current approvals, and sales per year or per quarter.

The fourth section, "UCB Tomorrow", looks ahead to where our R&D activities might take us in the years to come, profiling the molecules in development which we hope will write the next chapters in the company’s history.

And, of course, no Investor Relations section would be complete without a section devoted to "Financials", where you can find a wealth of data. Also posted here is the latest share and bond information.

Finally, the "Governance" section addresses topics of interest to shareholders and explains the role of the Board of Directors and its committees.

We have retained several features of the previous Investor Relations section – such as the list of events and opt-in email newsletter – and added some new ones, including a responsive tag cloud which reflects the popularity of each issue: the larger the size of the keyword, the more popular the topic. This helps us and you know what is of most interest to other readers.

The overarching goal is transparency. Instead of people having to look in several places for the information they want, we have tried to gather everything together in a more intuitive way. However, we are also encouraging you to pick up the phone and call us – we love talking to you!

We look forward to your comments and will strive for continuous improvement based on your feedback. Check it out!

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