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How is 2015 going for UCB? Well, I’m glad you asked…

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Antje Witte, Investor Relations
This is a day - and the coming weeks- when my or Isabelle’s phone rings rather a lot. I always like taking calls from investors, analysts, journalists and others seeking insights on the historic and potential future performance of the company. And it’s always nice when you have fresh (financial) data to share.

UCB has just published its Interim Report for the first nine months of 2015. It contains our latest net sales numbers for our core medicines which are driving company growth, and an update of our research and development pipeline. Indeed, three quarters of the way into 2015 we have a pretty good idea of how the full year will look – we also updated our full year financial outlook.

Some people love to hear data; they want numbers. Others prefer narrative – the story behind the numbers. And others like both. They are keen to see the big picture and get a handle on where the company is going.

Let’s start with the numbers and then talk about what they mean. For the first nine months of 2015, total revenue is up 19% to €2,864 million - that’s +12% at constant exchange rates.

Combined net sales of our three core medicines reached €1,469 million which represents an increase of 41% (or 24% at constant exchange rates). Net sales of our established epilepsy medicine were €565 – up 12% (or 2% at constant exchange rates).

With these new numbers to hand, we have updated our financial outlook for 2015. Revenue is expected at approximately €3,750 million; Recurring Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (rEBITDA) is now expected about €800, and core earnings per share is in the range of €2.00 and €2.10.

But what’s the story? Well, the central characters – our three core medicines – are very much center stage. They are driving overall company growth, reaching more and more patients with neurological or immunological diseases than ever. Due to this and to favorable currency effects, less pre-marketing costs and efficiency gains within the organization we were able to set a higher financial outlook for 2015.

We are also seeing continued growth in our pipeline where potential new medicines are in clinical trials and new uses for some of our current products are being explored. The clinical development pipeline now comprises nine projects in phase 1 or 2 next to our phase 3 development project in osteoporosis and a new treatment option for epilepsy, currently under review by the authorities.

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