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A quick snapshot of UCB

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Alexandra Deschner, Investor Relations
When I started at UCB in May, I was new to the biopharma sector. While I had previously worked in investor relations in the automotive industry, the learning curving has been steep.

One of my first projects has been to develop new tools that make it easier for someone new to UCB – and perhaps even new to the industry – to understand the company.

Two things our Investor Relations Team knows about investors is that they want reliable, high-quality information but their time is a precious commodity. That is why the new Fact Sheet is designed to offer a high-level view of what UCB is all about.

This is a document I would have devoured when I first began to explore the company before joining the team.

The Fact Sheet, available in the Investor Relations section on our website, contains key figures from our financial results and information about our financial objectives, as well as news and product highlights – all presented in an digestible format designed to capture the attention of busy investors.

We plan to update the Fact Sheet on a quarterly basis, while the key financial data is drawn from our latest Annual Report. Work on the next edition of the Annual Report is already under way in preparation for its publication on February 26, 2014.

Digging deeper
While the Fact Sheet explains UCB at a glance, those interested in digging deeper into the company may be pleased to learn that we are also working on a Fact Book which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

This will provide more details on UCB’s financials, our pipeline and the diseases on which we are focused. It pulls together published information which we hope will be of interest to the investor community, making it a one-stop-shop for company data.

For me, working on these projects has been a great way of getting to know the many aspects of UCB and understanding what our customers want. It has deepened my own knowledge of our core products and pipeline, as well as sparked an inherent curiosity in, and endeavour to understand, the science that underpins our innovative medicines.

Despite all the changes I’ve been embracing in recent months – swapping the automotive sector for biopharma, swapping Italy for Belgium – certain fundamentals of my work remain: the goal is provide the information you want in a format that suits your needs, and to build relationships with the investor community.

So, if you have comments on the new Fact Sheet or would like additional information on UCB, or even if you would just like to introduce yourself, drop me a line Alexandra.Deschner@ucb.com.

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