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2011 was a good year for UCB

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Antje Witte, Investor Relations
As usual, we've been very busy in recent weeks, preparing the financials 2011 and our Annual Report. It certainly makes life easier when there is good news to share and this time is no different.

We’re in London today to publish our financial results for 2011. On the financial side, revenues are up by 1%, underlying profitability is €683 million, net profits increased to €235 million, and core earnings per share were €1.89. The board has recommended a dividend payment of €1 per share – the first time that we're paying €1!

As a patient-centred biopharma company, it is heartening to see that our core medicines are reaching more and more patients: more than 300,000 at the end of 2011. Our established epilepsy drug continues to perform robustly, allowing us to accelerate investments in our future, while net sales of our "big three" new medicines grew by a combined 51%.

We continue to reap the benefits of growth from new medicines with compensates for the expiry of patents on mature products.
Of course, market analysts and potential investors are a forward-looking bunch. They might like what they see in the 2011 report but their follow-up question is always ‘What’s next?’

Looking ahead, two major aspects continue to give cause for optimism: our development pipeline is promising – including "the big three of tomorrow" – and UCB is looking forward to a decade without major patent expirations.

For a taste of the company’s ambition for future growth, read about plans to open the first UCB-owned biologics plant in Braine by the end of the year and begin construction on a new biotech production plant in Bulle.

As far as finances are concerned, revenue in 2012 is expected to be around €3.1 billion, recurring EBITDA is anticipated to be between €630 million and €660 million. Core earnings per share are expected to be in the range of €1.60 to €1.70.

You can read more details of the report, including the outlook for 2012, here.
It contains plenty of encouraging signs and, of course, be sure to keep an eye on the magazine section next month when I hope to share information on our performance for the first quarter of 2012.

On Monday, I'm hitting the road again to meet investors: London, Boston, New York and Paris are on our list. Sounds great – and I can tell you – it is. It's great to meet all these sharp people and discuss the future of our industry and UCB!