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Investors UCB shareholders

Our shareholders

Since 13 March 2014, UCB’s capital amounts to € to 583 516 974, divided in 194 505 658 ordinary shares with no nominal value.

Based on the transparency notifications, the shareholder structure of UCB can be summarized as follows:

Shareholders structure

The main shareholder of UCB is Financière de Tubize SA, a Belgian company listed on Euronext Brussels.


62% free float by region

Transparency notifications

Procedure for transparency notification

  1. Fill in the notification forms available on FSMA website
  2. Ensure the copy is duly signed.
  3. Send the electronic copy to FSMA
  4. Send the electronic copy to UCB Corporate Secretariat

UCB shares

UCB Euronext ticker     

UCB is listed on Euronext Brussels

since 1928:

- ticker: UCB

- ISN: BE0003739530

Since 13 March 2014, share capital of UCB amounts to € to 583 516 974 and is represented by 194 505 658 shares.

Market cap
@ year-end (€ billion)
Earnings per share€ 3.25€ 2.76€ 4.00€ 4.24N.A.
High of the year€ 86.05€ 85.12€ 79.05€ 81.48€ 80.06
Low of the year€ 60.40€ 54.84€ 56.55€ 60.08€ 62.26
Year-end share price€ 83.23€ 60.91€ 66.18€ 71.30€ 70.90
Average trading volume (share)312 241325 396365 284347 173339 671


The Board intends to continue to sustain a dynamic dividend policy, consistent with the long term growth prospects of the Company, offering gradual increase in dividend, and as far as possible not to reduce it, irrespective of the short term income variations.


A dividend in respect of the year ended 31 December 2018 of
€ 1.21 per share was approved at the annual general meeting of the shareholders on 25 April 2019. 

  • Coupon # 22
  • Ex-dividend: 26 April 2019
  • Record date: 29 April 2019
  • Payment: 30 April 2019

Coupon # 22 of UCB shares is payable € 0.847 net per share after deduction of Belgian withholding tax of 30%*, via our paying agent, KBC Bank NV.

* Lower witholding tax rates may be applicable depending the specific situation of each shareholder.

Shareholders' meetings

Ordinary general shareholders’ meeting

25 April 2019


Documents ENG FR NL
Convening notice (including agenda/
attendance formalities)

UCB Group - 
2018 integrated annual report

2018 statutory annual accounts
Management report

Report of the Statutory Auditor


On the day of publication of the convening notice, UCB SA/NV has a total of 194 505 658 shares outstanding, of which 188 388 193 are entitled to vote.


To be re-elected

Next AGM meeting

DateEvent details
30 April
Annual shareholders' meetingDetails to be communicated closer to the date.

Shareholders' meeting archives



Please send your questions to

Evelyn du Monceau

Gerhard Mayr

To be elected

Jan Berger

Gerhard Mayr

Alice Dautry

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Cyril Janssen

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Documents post-AGM ENG FR NL
Minutes of the 
Ordinary General Meeting